Article in PhillyVoice “Mutter Museum features artist’s ‘mind-blowing’ images of the brain”

By Greg Dunn|August 7, 2015

BY MEERI KIM, PhillyVoice Contributor | Published JULY 07, 2015 The artwork of Greg Dunn starts off simple, typically with circular blobs of liquid black ink on a piece of paper. With a few strong puffs of air, the blobs grow finger-like tendrils that stretch outward — and in turn, those tendrils split off into even smaller branches. Eventually, the paper is covered with what looks like a leafless, black forest. This…

Society for Neuroscience 2014 exhibition

By Greg Dunn|November 13, 2014

I will be exhibiting reflective microetchings, prints, scrolls, and gold leaf paintings at the Society for Neuroscience meeting at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC November 15th-19th from 10am-4pm each day. The address for the convention center is 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001. The general public should be able to walk into the convention center to see the booth, and you should not have to be registered…

Science Inspires Art: The Brain. – article in the New York Times

By Greg Dunn|October 21, 2014

New York Hall of Science, Queens. Opens Oct. 11. Adults $11, children and seniors $8. By JASCHA HOFFMANSEPT. 29, 2014 This art exhibition offers some new ways of looking at that three-pound hunk of jelly in your skull. Some do it with humor: a mock-infographic that shows a brain hinged open to reveal dozens of tiny people scurrying about, and an elegantly staged photograph of a small brain on a…

Art and science make beautiful collaboration

By Greg Dunn|October 21, 2014

Neurons and Other Memories exhibit in Miller Gallery evoke connected world by Rachel Cohen Oct 12, 2014 “The aesthetic highlight of the exhibit is Greg Dunn’s series of four beautiful, shimmering works: “Purkinje Neurons,” “Synaptogenesis,” “Glomerulus,” and “Retina I” are enamel depictions of neural connections on leaves of gold, copper, and aluminum.” read full article here.

Exhibit at the Garrison Institute

By Greg Dunn|May 1, 2013

i am a visiting artist at the Mind and Life Meeting, June 15-21st, Garrison, NY. I was invited to exhibit artwork and give a talk at the Mind and Life Meeting at the Garrison Institute in NY in June this year.  This meeting features a discussion between neuroscientists, meditators, artists, and researchers in the contemplative disciplines.  I am honored to be a part of it. You can also see some…

Exhibit at Howard Hughes medical institute

By Greg Dunn|May 7, 2012

Fifteen works are currently on display at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm campus in Ashland, Virginia.  This exhibit will be taken down and reinstalled at the HHMI headquarters in Washington DC on May 1st, 2012, and will be exhibited until July 2012.