12K gold, dye, and mica on cut acrylic panel
22″ X 30″

$4500 SOLD

Framed in custom selected molding.
High velocity axons increase their transmission speed through the insulating properties of enwrapped membranes, a process called myelination. Cells called oligodendrocytes (dark grey) wrap their fatty membranes around axons (12K white gold) to prevent ion leakage which would dilute action potential efficiency. Arranged like the rings of a tree, these bundles of fatty membranes abut one another in beautiful chaotic patterns that emerge from the dense packings of fibers in white matter tracks.
This painting features gilded, hand etched laser cut acrylic pieces assembled and sealed with an enveloping gloss clear coat. It is designed to be illuminated from above with a hard light source such as a halogen or strong LED bulb that highlights the dynamic reflective patterns arising from the etched gold surfaces.

Myelination Detail

Myelination Detail

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