16″ X 24″, limited edition of 50, giclee print on glossy metallic paper
$220 unframed ($176 with graduate student discount),
$395 framed (ships to USA and Canada only)

24″ X 36″, limited edition of 10, giclee print on glossy metallic paper
$440 unframed ($352 with graduate student discount), framing not available on this size

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In the early developmental stages of the brain, billions of neurons are growing their axons outward to find their eventual targets. This process is both exquisitely orchestrated while also subject to randomness and chaos. In such a complex process, billions of axons reaching their targets will never conclude precisely the same way twice.
Axon Pathfinding celebrates this truly amazing step in neural development through a semi-abstracted canvas in ink, dyed stainless steel, and 22K gold leaf. Local clusters of neurons send both long and short range axons to connect with adjacent nuclei. Higher orders of organization emerge through the chaotic interlacing of many axons, guided by chemical signals and physical obstructions in the extracellular environment. The gold and blue regions of the piece may be interpreted as concentration gradients of pathfinding molecules or physical barriers to growth that in turn guide the axonic threads to their targets. The result of this process is the basic wiring of the brain, ready to be iterated to a more optimal functioning state through experience.

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