18″ X 24″, limited edition of 50, giclee print on glossy metallic paper
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The blood brain barrier is the brain’s first line of defense, a selective filtering mechanism of the capillaries that prevents blood borne pathogens, toxins, and other substances from entering the neural tissue. It is comprised of endothelial cells and astrocytes which create a tight restrictive boundary around the blood supply.

The painting is also a study in fluid dynamics to impart a more biological feel to the materials. Metal powders and dyes suspended in epoxy resins are applied to the canvas and torched to encourage chaotic elements to develop. The astrocytic cell bodies that extend their feet to the blood vessel boundaries are created by using rock salt as a mold around which epoxy layers are flowed, then the salt is dissolved out and the cavities filled with resins to emulate a more three dimensional feel to the painting.

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