Two sizes are available:
16″ X 24″ (40.6cm X 61cm), limited edition SOLD OUT
$220 ($176 with grad student discount)

24″ X 36″ (61cm X 91cm), limited edition
$440 ($352 with grad student discount)

As these prints are on a subtly metallic paper, they have a glowing luminosity when illuminated with a light source such as halogen bulb, warm LED light, etc from above. They will look their absolute best under these conditions.

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Hippocampal Formations is inspired by the chaotic and fractal like erosion patterns of mountains and river systems seen from satellite images, and is reminiscent of the entorhinal or hippocampal formations. As chaotic variables carve beautifully neural shapes into the land, developing neurons interact to self organize into similarly beautifully fractal like patterns through interacting dendrites and axons finding their paths of least resistance. This painting was made at the same time as Paths of Least Resistance, a large 96″ X 40″ painting that is on permanent display at the University of Rochester.

  • Printed on glossy, slightly metallic paper of archival quality.
  • As there is a limited supply, prints will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • The sooner your payment is received, the lower the print # you will get.
  • Shipping costs $18 for unframed and $55 for framed prints within the USA, and $55 for international unframed orders. We are unable to disable framed print orders shipping internationally through the website, so if you order one in that fashion your money will be refunded.
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(archival glossy prints on subtly metallic paper. Website watermark is absent in the actual print)

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