While cleaning out the print cabinet I came across a bunch of older prints. All of these prints are slightly damaged, meaning that they were not acceptable to sell at full price, but that the images are close to pristine. Most often with these there are small imperfections on a corner or an edge, or small scratches on the image surface. Any print whose damage was excessive, distracted from the print, etc., was not deemed acceptable and has been thrown away already. I am unable to send pictures of damages to specific prints. These prints are only available unframed.

As long as you order in the first week of December, it should be no trouble to get unframed prints to you prior to Christmas as long as you are within the USA. I can’t promise that international orders will arrive in time as their transit time is longer (2-4 weeks).

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These prints will not be considered an official part of a limited edition series, and will not come with certificates of authenticity. Many of these prints are already signed in gold leaf, and if they had previously been numbered, I will obscure the numbering neatly with gold leaf.

There are only one or two for many of these, so I recommend acting very soon if you would like one. If the website indicates the print is gone, somebody else has already purchased it and there will not be any more of them.

The prices listed in the dropdown menu already have the adjusted prices listed. Graduate student discounts cannot be applied to these prints, please do not do so.

  • As there is a limited supply, prints will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • Shipping costs roughly $20 for prints within the USA, and between around $40-$60 for international unframed orders. We are unable to disable framed print orders shipping internationally through the website, so if you order one in that fashion your money will be refunded.
  • Orders originating from PA will have 8% sales tax added. PayPal takes care of all of these numbers. Again if you have questions, please email me.
  • Please allow about 2 weeks for delivery (domestic orders), 2-4 weeks for international. Most orders will arrive faster than this, but there is the occasional unforseen delay.