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Self Reflected 
Microetched print on aluminized polymer
22″ X 30″, 2014-2017
Second Edition series of 20SOLD OUT

The second edition of 20 sold out very quickly. I will be releasing another edition of the Self Reflected microetched print in 3-4 months time. As these have been very popular, if you would like a notice the day before the third edition is released so that you can be prepared to place your order for it the next day, please contact me with a short note saying that you are interested in the print and that you’d like a reminder. I don’t take official pre-orders, but this is the best method to maximize your chances of getting one.

Third edition- estimated release date September 2017, estimated price $2500-2700.
I am also offering handmade, 22K gold versions of this microetching. Please look here for details.


Microetched prints are in production and we hope to ship them in July. I will keep you updated as to their progress via email.

Framed U.S. only shipping is $80. I am working out options on international shipping- depending on quotes I receive from various carriers I will either ship them framed or unframed with very specific instructions on how to frame them on your end. It is straightforward and any custom framer will be able to do it.

If you are ordering internationally, please go through the regular check out process. You will be charged $120 for shipping, but please know that this is only an estimate. It is essentially a deposit on shipping. I am currently in the process of establishing a lower cost international shipping carrier and I do not yet know their exact rates. If shipping framed prints internationally ends up being enormously expensive and difficult, I will ship the prints unframed with supplies and very detailed instructions on how they can be framed in your country. It will be a simple matter for any framing shop to do. In that case, I will refund a portion of your print payment as you may have to frame it on your end. I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, and I thank you for your patience and understanding as I work through getting framed artwork overseas for a reasonable price.

Microetched prints feature the spectacular animated reflective effects of microetchings and can be illuminated in any number of ways. Specialized printing processes replicate the surface of microetchings onto which aluminum is evaporated to give them their brilliant sparkle. The prints are sealed between two sheets of glass to display and protect them. As they are not handmade and are not made of gold like original 22K reflective microetchings, we are able to release them at a more accessible price than traditional microetchings.

We have developed this process specifically for Self Reflected and are not planning on releasing microetched prints of any other existing microetching. These microetched prints are the first of their kind and they will likely sell out quickly.



Product Description

Self Reflected is the most elaborate artistic depiction of the human brain in the world. Through its meticulously researched and etched reflective animations depicting the collective activity of 500,000 neurons at once, it is designed to be showing you what is happening in your own brain as you are looking at the piece of art. This is what consciousness looks like.


The shots in the video are meant to show you what you will see when you have a fixed light source on the etching and you are walking around it. Microetched prints do not come with custom lighting. Here is a PDF explaining how to illuminate your microetched print- download here.

Self Reflected microetched prints come sealed between two sheets of glass in a simple 2″ wide black frame. They can be provided without this frame if you would prefer to purchase your own. Instructions on how to illuminate them (customer supplies the lighting), an atlas and explanatory sheet discussing the brain regions in the piece, and a certificate of authenticity will accompany the package.

Please note that when you first open the box with the etching, you will notice that the surface is very close to a mirror finish, thus it will be reflecting light from all around the room. Microetched prints can look great in any circumstances with the correct lighting, but they truly blaze in a darkened room. The photos and video that you see on this website were all taken in a darkened room to show them at their best.

We will be releasing small limited editions of these prints. As we have been interested in making microetchings accessible at a more affordable price, the first several editions will be the least expensive and the price will increase in subsequent editions.

Please note that the little squares you might see along the edges of the etching in some photos will not be present in the final etching. These are diagnostic markers for our processes that we embedded into this prototype and will be taken off the retail version.



Additional Information


22″ by 30″