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by Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards
(archival glossy print on subtly metallic paper- Website watermark is absent in the actual print)

Movement and Sensation is of the Self Reflected microetching photographed under blue, green, and white light and details the motor (left) and somatosensory (right) gyri of the cerebral cortex. The neurons of the motor cortex are responsible for movement, in particular fine motor movements such as playing the piano or writing. To its right, the somatosensory cortex is part of the famous homunculus, the strip of cortex that is responsible for making a map of body sensations through its interaction with touch receptors. This region would become activated when its associated body part is stimulated by a gust of wind, the feeling of another person’s hand brushing across it, etc.

motor and parietal cortex closeup by Greg Dunn

Motor and Parietal Cortex closeup by Greg Dunn

Framed print

Framed print

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