SR Blues
Brainbow Hippocampus in Color 2020 remastered
spinal cord
4 motor and parietal cortex
5 Cerebellar Folia
6 Brain Machine Interface
7 Spiny Stellate
8 Maki-e neurons 2021 remaster
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Dr. Greg Dunn uses his knowledge of neuroscience to create works of fine art that celebrate the brain. These paintings are dedicated to the neuroscientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons who explore the brain’s beauty, mystery, and anatomy. More importantly, this work is dedicated to every last one of us who share this most precious possession that we are using even at this moment to read this sentence.

Dr. Dunn’s paintings and reflective microetchings deeply fuse art and science, attempting to illuminate the unfathomable complexities of our minds. Dunn’s art includes ink paintings on gold leaf exploring the spontaneous branching of a handful of pyramidal neurons to incredibly intricate, large scale reflective etchings such as Self Reflected that animate the collective activity of half a million neurons at once. In prints, paintings, hanging scrolls, and etchings, Dunn’s works bridge the micro to the macro to change the way in which the average person thinks about the brain. It hopes to reinstill the sense of awe, even to those of us who struggle with various neurological ailments, and to hopefully remind us that our brains are a thing of wonder.

Dr. Dunn has works in collections around the world including permanent installations at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, the Museum of Science in Boston, Caltech and Johns Hopkins Universities, and the Society for Neuroscience headquarters among many others. Past exhibitions have included the Pompidou Museum in Paris, the National Gallery of China in Beijing, Sotheby’s New York, the Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon, and the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. Dunn’s NSF funded project Self Reflected executed in collaboration with Dr. Brian Edwards has won international acclaim and is widely regarded as the most complex artistic rendering of the human brain in existence.

Dr. Dunn has lectured extensively about his work in many destinations around the world, oftentimes for eclectic groups of artists, scientists, engineers, and those with a love for the brain. In addition to artwork sales, lectures, exhibitions, and installations, Greg licenses images and video for books, magazines, documentary films, nonprofits, and educational platforms.

Please enjoy the website and share with a pal, for these images are a celebration of what most makes us human – our brains.