Self Reflected Microetched Prints- 2022 edition

Self Reflected Microetched Prints- 2022 edition

Self Reflected 
Microetched print on aluminized polymer
22″ X 30″, 2014-2017
2022 edition of 25

Mirrored background (sets released to this point had this background)- $2995 SOLD OUT

Please note- we have one or two onyx glass etchings that have slight imperfections that we are selling at a 25% discount, please email me for inquiries.

I am also offering handmade, 22K gold versions of this microetching. Please look here for details (hint: as you might expect, they are more expensive)


Microetched prints feature the spectacular animated reflective effects of microetchings and can be illuminated in any number of ways. Specialized printing processes replicate the surface of microetchings onto which aluminum is evaporated to give them their brilliant sparkle. The prints are sealed between two sheets of glass to display and protect them. As they are not handmade and are not made of gold like original 22K reflective microetchings, we are able to release them at a more accessible price than traditional microetchings.

Onyx Glass premium framing option– For the first time I’m offering a premium framing option called Onyx Glass. These prints feature a ceramic printed glass mask that turns the standard mirrored background of the microetched prints into a beautiful, smooth, jet black background. They are archival and have a very sleek look to them. Please note that both the standard etchings and the onyx glass etchings are identical in terms of the etching itself, it is only the background on them that differs. When viewed in a dark room, both the standard prints and the onyx glass versions have dark backgrounds.




Self Reflected microetching

Self Reflected microetching

22K handmade gilded microetching
A slice of the human brain at 22X scale, full dimensions 96”X 130”, 242″ X 32″ version also available

Self Reflected Videos

Self Reflected – A First Look from Will Drinker on Vimeo (0:42). Narration by Jackie Danziger, music by David Haldeman.   Self Reflected – A Closer Look from Will Drinker on Vimeo.   Self Reflected – A Guided Tour from Will Drinker on Vimeo.   Self Reflected – Illuminating the Brain Through Art and Science (long) from Will Drinker on Vimeo.  

Exhibitions of Self Reflected

Self Reflected is on permanent exhibition in the Your Brain exhibit of the Franklin Institute, a world class science museum in Philadelphia PA. 222 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Other editions of Self Reflected are available for purchase and exhibition, so please contact me if interested. Due to the enormous complexity and expense of producing Self Reflected,  we will only exhibit individual plates from the overall piece. The following…

Self Reflected Gallery

You can purchase traditional prints from Self Reflected here, and new specialized microetched prints with animated reflective effects here.   Final Images: Process Images:  

The Engineering behind Self Reflected

Like any large engineering project, the creation of Self Reflected needed to be broken down into bite-sized pieces. The division for this piece was fundamentally drawn in terms of scale and dimension. This project can be thought of as the collection and integration of three types of information: microscopic data, macroscopic data, and behavioral data. Microetchings are 2D objects and the brain is 3D. While microetchings can contain one extra…

The Neuroscience Behind Self Reflected

Self Reflected was designed to be a highly accurate representation of a slice of the brain and is informed by deep neuroscience research to allow it to function as a reliable educational tool as well as a work of art. In the future we will have educational kits available with images, video, and explanations suitable for instructional purposes. If you have interest, thoughts, or questions, please email me. The Research: After…

The Art and Concept of Self Reflected

Self Reflected is your brain perceiving itself. It is perhaps the most fundamental self portrait ever created, a hyperdetailed animated representation of human consciousness designed to mirror the functioning of the viewer’s own mind. Self Reflected asks the question whether the brain is uniquely tuned to appreciate its own fractal-like anatomy and elegant, wavelike electrical activity as a consequence of those traits underlying its own construction. It is a work…

How Self Reflected Was Made

Self Reflected was made using an elaborate combination of hand drawing, deep neuroscience research, algorithmically simulated neural circuitry, adapted brain scan data, photolithography, gilding, and strategic lighting. For a basic idea of how microetchings work, please watch the Introduction to Microetchings video on the microetchings page. Fast Facts: Depicts a sagittal slice of the human brain at 22X scale, full dimensions 96” X 130”, made of 25 etched plates and…

Self Reflected

Dr. Greg Dunn (artist and neuroscientist) and Dr. Brian Edwards (artist and applied physicist) created Self Reflected to elucidate the nature of human consciousness, bridging the connection between the mysterious three pound macroscopic brain and the microscopic behavior of neurons. Self Reflected offers an unprecedented insight of the brain into itself, revealing through a technique called reflective microetching the enormous scope of beautiful and delicately balanced neural choreographies designed to reflect what…

Spinal Cord

Spinal Cord

Available in two sizes:
SOLD OUT- 18″ X 24″, limited edition of 100, $225 ($180 with grad student discount), framed $420.
24″ X 32″, limited edition of 50, $450 ($360 with grad student discount)

Please note that this artwork is also available as reflectively animated microetched prints and as 22K gold microetchings.

Spinal Cord is a highly detailed rendering of a cross section of the human spinal cord. This image was made entirely from scratch, deeply informed by the neuroscientific literature and my background in neuroscience and designed to be an attractive piece of fine art as well as an accurate atlas of both anatomy and connectivity. It is the most ambitious project that I’ve undertaken since the creation of Self Reflected.

This artwork and associated images, GIFs, and video are designed to give the viewer a comprehensive understanding of the complex anatomical details of this region and how information travels through the cord. In particular, I wanted to emphasize the complexity of the transverse white matter regions and how signals travel into and out of these areas. Information travels through the afferent inputs in the dorsal ganglia, is processed in the butterfly shaped gray matter regions in the central cord, and through computations with interneurons and afferent/efferent signals from adjacent regions of the transverse white matter tracts leads to signal outputs through the ventral cord that execute movements.

The spinal cord is the information superhighway connecting our brains to our bodies, an indispensible organ and masterpiece of evolution, more fundamental to our existence than even our very backbone.

Brain Art Postcards

Brain Art Postcards

boxed set of 15 brain art postcards- $40/ea
-5″ X 7″ (12.7cm X 18cm) notecards
-each postcard has a unique design on the front
-backs of postcards are suitable for writing
-features many of Dr. Dunn’s most popular designs

Great for gifts, thank you notes, get well soon cards, birthday cards, sympathy cards, cards to commemorate events, baptisms, name days, promotions, and winners of eating contests. Great for all types of brain scientists, notecard afficionados, teachers, twitter trolls, pilots, apple farmers, trillionaires, or anyone with a brain.

Set includes:
Wisteria Neuron, Spiny Stellate, Neural Migration, Cortical Columns (detail), Brain to Consciousness, Spinal Cord, Self Reflected Sunburst (detail), Neurogenesis II, Gold Cortex II, Cortex in Red and Gold, Maki-e Neurons, Cerebellar Folia, Gyrus, Basket and Pyramidals, and Brainbow Hippocampus.

Spinal Cord Microetching

Spinal Cord Microetching

Spinal Cord, 22K gold handmade gilded microetching 2021-2022 by Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards edition of 10 24″ X 32″ framed in a dark wood moulding with anti-reflective glass. (framed dimensions 28″ X 36″) Larger sizes are also available, please contact for pricing and additional information at: greg(at)gregadunn(dot)com (hint: This is the highest end option available.) A less expensive aluminum microetched version of Spinal Cord is available here: And standard…

Spinal Cord Microetched Prints- 2022 edition

Spinal Cord Microetched Prints- 2022 edition

Spinal Cord, 1st Edition (2022 Edition)
Microetched print on aluminized polymer

Available in three options:
22″ X 30″ (56cm X 76cm), standard silver background- $2500
22″ X 30″ (56cm X 76cm), onyx glass background (see below for description)- $3100
32″ X 42″ (81cm X 107cm, first time I’ve ever had this huge size available!) available only with onyx glass (see below for description)- $5750

Edition of 20 of the smaller size (silver and onyx glass inclusive), and 10 of the larger size. Future editions of these sizes (i.e. 2nd edition, etc) will be released spaced several years apart until the original production run of approximately 125 of the 22″ X 30″ size and 70 of the 32″ X 42″ size have sold out. The total number of prints to be released will be close to these numbers, though inevitably some will be damaged or otherwise unacceptable and will be removed from the series.


Note: the large size etchings are large and heavy and require a wooden crate to protect them during shipping. Depending on your location, you may be able to return your crate to us so that we can reuse it and receive a refund of $250-$500.

Oh Chouette: Ces images cérébrales montrent la beauté et la complexité de la conscience humaine Publié

Link to Original article: Publié par Julie Ramdani, le mardi 17 juillet 2018 à 8:01. L’Univers a toujours été synonyme de beauté et de complexité. Que l’on se dirige vers l’infiniment grand, ou que l’on plonge au cœur de l’infiniment petit, le degré d’émerveillement reste le même. Le plus fascinant dans tout cela, c’est de voir la similarité qui existe entre la structure de l’Univers et celle du cerveau humain……

Scientific American: Watch the Human Brain Come to Life in This Stunning Piece of Art

Originally published on Scientific American By Leslie Nemo on June 21, 2017 Original link: Drawn and etched with algorithms, Greg Dunn’s masterpiece is unique in more ways than one. Sometimes neuroscientist Greg Dunn finds his field tedious. Working at a lab bench can make you forget how beautifully ornate the human brain is, he says. To reinspire himself, his colleagues and the public, Dunn makes art. Most recently he made an eight-…

Sciences et Avenir: DIAPORAMA. Toute la magie et la complexité des neurones révélées dans une microgravure

Link to Original Article: Par Marine Van Der Kluft le 14.06.2017 à 18h16 Pour représenter la complexité du système neuronal, Greg Dunn, docteur en neurosciences, a créé une technique de microgravure. 500 000 neurones prennent vie dans de très belles images. Les différentes régions du cerveau Les différentes régions de notre encéphales sont représentées dans cette carte.  GREG DUNN / BRIAN EDWARDS / WILL DRINKER Le cerveau est un chef d’oeuvre de…

Colossal: An Intricate Cross-Section of the Brain Depicted With Thousands of Layers of Gold Leaf

Originally published on by This is Collossal APRIL 17, 2017 Original link: by KATE SIERZPUTOWSKI Self Reflected, 22K gilded microetching, 96″ X 130″, 2014-2016, Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards. The entire Self Reflected microetching under violet and white light. (photo by Greg Dunn and Will Drinker) Taking nearly two years to complete, artist and neuroscientist Dr. Greg Dunn, along with his collaborator Dr. Brian Edwards, have mapped the neurons in…

Cosmos Magazine: A striking new vision of the human brain

Originally published at Cosmos Magazine, April 3, 2017Link: This artwork used neuroscience data, hand drawings, algorithmic manipulation, optical engineering, photolithography and gilding to etch half a million neurons into large sheets of gold. ‘Self Reflected under white, red, and violet light’ is billed as ‘the world’s most elaborate artistic depiction of the human brain.’ The artists drew on techniques from art and science to create the piece: neuroscience data, hand…

Microetched Prints

Microetched Prints Update 4/3/17- The proof of concept experiment was successful. Microetched Prints of Self Reflected will be released either Tuesday, 4/4 or Wednesday, 4/5. Please sign up for the mailing list so that you’ll know as soon as they are released. Self Reflected is the most elaborate artistic depiction of the human brain in the world. Through its meticulously researched and etched reflective animations depicting the collective activity of 500,000…

Press Packet

Official press release of Self Reflected in PDF Download here. Image Use: Please never remove watermarks from these copyrighted images. I make watermarks small and subtle so that the images can be traced back but not look obnoxious. Modifications to images including crops, color shifts, blending with other images, etc. are not permitted. Thanks for understanding! Please know that in some instances there will be licensing fees associated with publishing some…

Custom Prints and Murals

Custom Prints and Murals Have a specific brain region in mind you'd like a print of? Need a really large print or even a huge mural? Need a print with a specific color scheme, shape, or cool close-up neuroscience imagery? Want to have something unique? Custom prints from Self Reflected or Spinal Cord are your best bet. We customize fine art prints from a selection or from the entirety of…


Limited edition fine art prints I release most of my prints as limited edition series of anywhere from 25-150 prints per edition, and rarely up to 300 prints per edition. Most of the time these editions are between 50-100 prints depending on the subject material, price, and popularity of the theme. Rather than releasing one huge set of prints in a single edition, I sometimes prefer to release two or…

Wired Magazine: A Gold-Leaf Brain Lights Up With the Awesome Complexity of Neurons

Originally published by Wired Magazine: BRENDAN COLE 06.24.16 READY TO GET really really meta? A new installation at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, open June 25, displays what happens in your brain—while you’re looking at it. The project comes from Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards, a neuroscientist and a physicist by training. Dunn is no stranger to cerebral art; a few years ago, he shared a project of single-neuron prints with us. But the team’s new…

Self Reflected the most complex artistic rendition of the human brain in the world Self Reflected is your brain perceiving itself Dr. Greg Dunn (artist and neuroscientist) and Dr. Brian Edwards (artist and applied physicist) created Self Reflected to elucidate the nature of human consciousness, bridging the connection between the mysterious three pound macroscopic brain and the microscopic behavior of neurons. Self Reflected offers an unprecedented insight of the brain into itself, revealing…


GREG DUNN NEURO ART Dr. Greg Dunn uses his knowledge of neuroscience to create works of fine art that celebrate the brain. These paintings are dedicated to the neuroscientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons who explore the brain's beauty, mystery, and anatomy. More importantly, this work is dedicated to every last one of us who share this most precious possession that we are using even at this moment to read…

PhillyVoice: Here’s the most complex, detailed depiction of the brain in the world

Originally published at PhillyVoice on JUNE 14, 2016 BY MEERI KIM “Self Reflected” will be a new addition to the Franklin Institute’s “Your Brain” exhibit.original link:  SCIENCEArtCREDIT/WILL DRINKER “Self Reflected,” by local artist Greg Dunn in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania physicist Brian Edwards, is likely the most complex and detailed artistic depiction of the brain in the world. It stands 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide. This scene…

About Greg Dunn Neuro Art

How I began making brain and neuroscience art I began painting brain and neuroscience art and in grad school at the University of Pennsylvania. My love for the brain and the beautiful forms of neurons fit harmoniously into my love for Asian art. I began exploring art of the brain and neurons through ink paintings and scrolls, painting commissions for universities and individuals. Over time, I gradually began using gold…