How I began making brain and neuroscience art

I began painting brain and neuroscience art and in grad school at the University of Pennsylvania. My love for the brain and the beautiful forms of neurons fit harmoniously into my love for Asian art. I began exploring art of the brain and neurons through ink paintings and scrolls, painting commissions for universities and individuals. Over time, I gradually began using gold in my art.

After years of experimentation with gold leaf, I invented a hyper detailed process called reflective microetching with my collaborator Dr. Brian Edwards. This style of art uses reflected light to create animated scenes on a seemingly flat piece of art on the wall.

Who most often purchases brain art?

I routinely provide artwork for neurosurgery, neurology, neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry departments, clinics, and offices. My work very often appeals to anybody with an interest in the beauty and mystery of the brain and mind. I provide prints, ink paintings, microetchings, gold leaf works, scrolls, murals, and large installations. Many use my art as a reference in brain related fields due to it’s scientific accuracy and ability to engage the public in the complex themes of the brain.

Where my art is exhibited

I have exhibited all over the world including at the National Gallery of China and the Centre Pompidou, as well as with permanent installations at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, the Museum of Science in Boston, the Max Planck Institute in Florida, Johns Hopkins Univeristy, Caltech, and many others.

I now live with my family just outside of Sofia, Bulgaria, though I maintain my studio space in Philadelphia, PA.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the art!

This is Self Reflected in violet and gold. Below I’m next to a Self Reflected microetching drinking some sort of beverage.



Brian Edwards, Ph.D.
Principal collaborator (microetchings)

Dr. Brian Edwards is an applied physicist and is the only recipient of Greg Dunn’s prestigious honorary distinction Beast of Knowledge. Hardened by the cherished Mennonite values of suffering, ceaseless work, and suffering, Dr. Edwards has no time for the whimsy and trifle of theory. An experimentalist with a capital E, Dr. Brain likes to make things work and doesn’t care if he gets electrocuted, burned, or poisoned in the process.

A quirky fellow, despite working for several years on a project that went into exhaustive depth on the brain, Brian steadfastly refuses to learn anything whatsoever about it and prefers his own personal nomenclature- Region A, Region B, and so on. Brian is the kind of person you work with when you want to see the relative weakness of your own organizational skills, ability to predict unforeseen problems, and work ethic thrown into the glaring light of day. To learn more about this man’s oppressive competence, have a look here-

Will Drinker

Deeply inspired by the legendary Bob Ross in both philosophy and hairstyle, Will Drinker is a filmmaker, documentarian, producer, puppeteer, ventriloquist, musician, pathological punner, and co-founder of the Universe-famous Time Life Pizza Collection.

A man dedicated to his craft, Will does not rest until the shot is got. Few have endured the slow and painful learning curve that is photographing microetchings and other highly reflective surfaces, and Will’s inability to drop a shot until it is perfect has been both friend and foe in this quest. Maker of many films and writer of many scripts, Will is now working on a longer form documentary about the creation of Self Reflected when he isn’t preoccupied with infusing pop culture with pizza references.