Limited edition fine art prints
I release most of my prints as limited edition series of anywhere from 25-150 prints per edition, and rarely up to 300 prints per edition. Most of the time these editions are between 50-100 prints depending on the subject material, price, and popularity of the theme.
Rather than releasing one huge set of prints in a single edition, I sometimes prefer to release two or three smaller, separate editions spaced years apart so that I can continue cycling new work in and out. These editions are clearly labeled as later editions on the prints (e.g. 2nd edition or 2021 edition, etc.) and on their certificates of authenticity. The first edition of prints typically does not have the edition number written on the actual print, only later editions will. The total number of prints ever released over all editions will never exceed 300, but is most typically in the range of 150. As is always the case, the lower the print/edition number, the better from a collector’s point of view.

Limited edition fine art prints derived from microetchings
Microetchings are very time consuming pieces of art to make that are designed to be viewed under a large number of different lighting conditions. To highlight this fact, I release editions of these fine art prints in unique color schemes. Each color scheme is released as a single limited edition. These editions are often spaced out years apart from one another. Some examples of these pieces are prints made of Self Reflected (e.g. in white, violets, blues, etc color schemes), Action Potential (white/pink, violet, etc), etc.

Microetched prints
Microetched prints are machine replicated and metalized with aluminum and not gold like the original 22K gold etchings, but the retain the reflective effects of microetchings. These are periodically released every few years as small editions of around 15-30 depending on how many successful etchings were made in that particular run. These will also be subject to a maximum of 300 microetched prints total over all series.
I reserve the right to gift or donate up to 50 microetched prints per design to schools, museums, educational facilities, or other similar nonprofit or educational outreach based entities that are outside the officially numbered runs. These will be labeled as “gift print” and are often prints that had slight flaws on them.

Open edition prints
I try to have a few open edition prints (prints that are not released in editions and are not numbered) in stock so that there is always something available. These are priced less than the limited edition series prints and do not come with a certificate of authenticity.

Print “overs”
When getting prints printed, I typically order them as a single stack that has several more prints than are needed for the series. I do this as some prints inevitably have flaws, are destroyed in the mail, or other similar issues wherein the prints need to be replaced. Should I have a few prints left over from the series these are sold as “overs” at the end of the series. They are considered as part of the official series, and they are numbered as #51/50, etc. Oftentimes these compensate for the “holes” in the series itself wherein some prints had been lost due to damage.

Slightly imperfect prints
I am very careful to only release pristine prints. If a print has obvious flaws, it is thrown out. If it has slight imperfections that are present but difficult to see and not distracting to the viewer, they are set aside and sold at a substantial discount. They are not considered as official parts of the series, and if they had been numbered prior to their incurring damage the numbering is neatly obscured in gold leaf. They do not come with certificates of authenticity.
I like to provide this option for those who aren’t able to spend a lot on art as an opportunity to get a print for less $.

Custom prints
Custom prints are one off prints of any of my pieces (though most often of pieces derived from microetched works whose data format is amenable to this) that can be printed at almost any size, color, or crop. I reserve this option for those who are looking for something very specific or large for their space. Custom prints are more expensive as they are one offs and require more work on my part to customize. They can be printed on a variety of materials.

Large volume orders
Very occasionally I get requests from large hospitals or similar institutions that are looking to fill a lot of wall space with many prints. In the name of being able to accommodate these rare requests, if 5 or more large prints are ordered, I reserve the right to print one offs of sold out pieces that will not have certificates of authenticity and are not numbered nor considered part of any official series.

Do you sign and number your prints?
Yes. All prints are either signed or stamped in gold leaf and limited edition prints are also numbered in gold leaf. Limited edition prints also come with a certificate of authenticity stating the edition number and number of that series.

Are your prints archival?
Yes. I work with a printer that uses premium quality papers and inks, and both the Kodak Endura Metallic paper and the Premium Lustre paper that I make prints on will be stable for many decades.

Are your microetched prints archival?
I went through great pains to make these last for a very long time. Tests done with artifical aging conditions detected no degradation and confirmed that they will last, as a conservative estimate, between 40-60+ years. Both myself and professional that had run the test estimate that these will last for much longer than that.

Can you send me digital images that I can print on my end?
For the most part no, but special exceptions apply such as for murals or large installations, or if I am for whatever reason unable to ship physical prints to your home country. I release only printed materials to keep quality consistent and to keep track of everything.

Help! I’d like to get something as a gift and have a short deadline, can you rush me a print? 
Sometimes! It depends on how fast you need it, where you are, and whether or not I have the print in stock. We ship prints once a week. We are a small time operation, not Amazon, so please keep that in mind when expecting your print. There is an additional charge for rushed orders which essentially amounts to the extra cost of shipping which can be billed separately. In extraordinary circumstances if you will suffer grave consequences if you don’t get your print immediately, I can try to ship it to you outside our normal shipping times but I have to charge extra for this. Email me if you need a print yesterday.

How do you ship your prints?
This can fluctuate, but typically with UPS or USPS Priority Mail in the States.

Can you print one of your existing prints at a different size?
No. I release only the sizes indicated on the pages for the prints. It is important to me to keep things standardized. I also don’t want to print things larger than the image’s resolution will allow.

This being said, there is one exception to this rule, which is the Self Reflected custom prints. These prints are derived from the huge Self Reflected dataset and can be customized for region, color, size, and even smell.

Can you customize the color of an existing print?
Only for custom prints. 

Can you frame my print for me?
Not unless I am explicitly offering framing for that print, which you can find on your print of interest’s page.

Can I use your work in my blog/magazine/article/etc?
Please see the Licensing and Image Use section.

I’d like to do an interview with you, can you oblige?
Possibly, as it often depends on how busy I am. Contact me for details.

Can I get a tattoo of your work on my face?
Definitely. Please read the tattoo section in the Licensing and Image Use section.

How can I commission something?
Please check out the Commissions section.

What materials do you use for your paintings?
Gold and other metal leaf, inks, dyes, stainless steel, lithographic materials and equipment, a bunch of types of clear coats.

Can you tell me exactly how you make everything so that I can make replicates of your paintings?