My favorite print is sold out! When will you be releasing more? Can you print me one?
The most common request! I issue mostly limited edition prints, which are signed and numbered prints released as a series. When that series sells out, it is gone. Like, gone gone. Sometimes I will release a second or even third edition of a print in which case I will print another entire set of them. These will be indicated in the signature and on the certificate of authenticity as being from a different printing.

I try to have a few open edition prints (prints that do not have a fixed number of prints to them) in stock so that there is always something available.

Do you sign and number your prints?
Yes. All prints are either signed or stamped in gold leaf and limited edition prints are also numbered. Limited edition prints also come with a certificate of authenticity.

Are your prints archival?
Yes. I work with a printer that uses premium quality papers and inks, and both the Kodak Endura Metallic paper and the Premium Lustre paper that I make prints on will be stable for many decades.

Can you send me digital images that I can print on my end?
For the most part no, but special exceptions apply such as for murals or large installations, or if I am for whatever reason unable to ship physical prints to your home country. I release only printed materials to keep quality consistent.

Help! I’d like to get something as a gift and have a short deadline, can you rush me a print? 
Sometimes! It depends on how fast you need it, where you are, and whether or not I have the print in stock. We ship prints once a week (usually on Fridays), so if you need it overnighted the fastest it can get there is usually Monday (International Express can get it to you in a week or so in most cases). There is an additional charge for rushed orders which essentially amounts to the extra cost of shipping which can be billed separately. In extraordinary circumstances if you will suffer grave consequences if you don’t get your print immediately, I can try to ship it to you outside our normal shipping times but I have to charge extra for this. Email me if you need a print yesterday.

How do you ship your prints?
USPS Priority Mail in the States (2-3 days), Priority Mail International (2-4 weeks depending on where you are in the world)

Can you print one of your existing prints at a different size?
No. I release only the sizes indicated on the pages for the prints. It is important to me to keep things standardized. I also don’t want to print things larger than the image’s resolution will allow.

This being said, there is one exception to this rule, which is the Self Reflected custom prints. These prints are derived from the huge Self Reflected dataset and can be customized for region, color, size, and even smell.

Can you customize the color of an existing print?
No. Again, only exception to this rule is the Self Reflected custom prints. 

Can you frame my print for me?
Not unless I am explicitly offering framing for that print, which you can find on your print of interest’s page.

Can I use your work in my blog/magazine/article/etc?
Please see the Licensing and Image Use section.

I’d like to do an interview with you, can you oblige?
Possibly, as it often depends on how busy I am. Contact me for details.

Can I get a tattoo of your work on my face?
Definitely. Please read the tattoo section in the Licensing and Image Use section.

How can I commission something?
Please check out the Commissions section.

What materials do you use for your paintings?
Gold and other metal leaf, inks, dyes, stainless steel, lithographic materials and equipment, a bunch of types of clear coats.

Can you tell me exactly how you make everything so that I can make replicates of your paintings?