Blue and Silver Cortex- SOLD

Blue and Silver Cortex

22K and 12K gold, dye, ink, and metal powder on etched stainless steel
36″ X 48″

$13,500 (price does not include frame) SOLD

Blue and Silver Cortex is a painting featuring the neural structure of our brain’s cerebral cortex, an area of the brain responsible for everything from sensation, speech, vision, logic, sense of identity, and many many other critical functions. Pyramidal neurons (black) make up a large part of the anatomy of this region, their apical dendrites collecting signals from other layers before they dart signals though their axons to faraway parts of the brain. Other neural cell types also pepper the scene including interneurons and astrocytes (22K and 12K gold, dye) that help to regulate the circuitry in these complex regions.
The “clouds” made by the metal powders on the right side of the painting add contrast and texture to the composition, and are also intended to refernce a misty forest. The painting’s etched background glows in overhead light, moving with the viewer to reveal a warm, vibrant blue that leaps out of the canvas. Please watch the video to get a better sense of what this painting looks like live.

This painting is intended to be lit by overhead lights which will optimally activate its reflective qualities. Please watch the video and see the images below for further demonstration.

Please contact me at greg (at) or via the contact form below for any additional details or for purchase requests.

Detailed Images:

Reflectivity Demonstration in Blue and Silver Cortex

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