Local Connectivity

22K gold, horse and synthetic human hair, ink, and dye on stainless steel
24″ X 36″
$5500 SOLD

Framed in custom selected molding

The brain’s characteristic circuitry involves both long range, myelinated axon bundles (depicted with horsehair) that connect disparate regions of the brain and peripheral nervous system, as well as a great deal of locally connected circuits (inked neurons). These shorter range circuits are arranged into processing loops between excitatory and inhibitory interneurons that process and integrate information from various sources and arrange it for output.

This painting has a dynamic reflective element in the different lusters of 22K gold leaf overlaid onto etched and dyed stainless steel. It is best illuminated with a hard overhead light source such as a halogen or strong LED bulb that highlights its contrasting reflective lusters.

Detail photos:



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