Pyramidals on Moon Gold- SOLD

Ink on 21K moon gold (gold alloyed with palladium and silver)

21″ X 29.5″ (approx. 25″ X 33.5″ in frame)


$3750 SOLD

Framed in custom selected moulding with antireflective and UV protective art glass.

Pyramidals on Moon Gold is an ink painting depicting the elegant and delicate structure of a field of pyramidal neurons against a background of 21K moon gold. Pale blue interneurons interlace the apical dendrites of the pyramidal forest, regulating the synaptic activities of the circuit. The painting is on 21K moon gold, an alloy of gold, palladium, and silver that yields a warm champagne color that changes its appearance depending on the lighting in the room.

Please email me at greg (at) or through the form below for purchasing information.

Detailed Images:

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