Retina in Ink

Ink on watercolor paper
18″ X 24″
$2500 SOLD

Framed in custom selected moulding with antireflective and UV protective art glass.

The retina converts light hitting the eye into neural signals that can be interpreted by higher order brain structures in the cortex. Light hits the photoreceptors (top of the painting) and the consequent signals transmitted through the retina are organized into packets of semiprocessed information that conveys the basic color and edge structure of an image. This is accomplished by the coordinated activity of the retinal layers, made of bipolar, amacrine, horizontal, and ganglion cells. After the retina, visual data is sent through the optic nerve through the thalamus and into primary visual cortex at the back of the brain.

Retina in Ink is a neonaturalist work combining scientific visualization with techniques in abstract expressionism to yield chaotic and evocative neural networks in ink.

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