All artwork on this site is protected by copyright. Please read the following document before contacting me about a potential image use, and if your particular use is not discussed here please send me a note.

I often license images for books, magazines, and very occasionally for academic websites. I charge a fee for their use. I occasionally allow image use for academic conference promotion, scientific outreach, educational events, etc. If you would like to license an image please contact me with the following information ready:

-what image(s) you’d like to use,
-where you’d like to use them (cover, internal image, web use),
-how large you’d like them to be
-for what purpose (i.e. article about the brain),
-what the name of the publication is,
-for how long you’d like to use the image,
-what the circulation (print) or approximate monthly traffic (web) of its destination is.

All of these criteria are required to help me figure out the licensing cost. Please make both of our lives easier by emailing me with this info.
I do not allow shifting of color palettes, incorporation of other images, changes to aspect ratios, or other destructive modifications. Crops are sometimes permitted.

Feel free to use images in academic talks, powerpoint presentations, etc. You may download the image you need from this website for that use. All images must be credited with the name of the piece, the year, my name, and the website URL. For example:

Cortex in Metallic Pastels
Greg Dunn, 2011

PROMOTING a talk with an image is a separate matter and would be dealt with under the Licensing header.

Use as avatars/ on social media
You may use an image on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc page as long as credit is paid and that the URL is visible and appears with the image. Please use a hyperlink to the site whenever possible.

Limited use on a website
You can use one image on your personal, non-commercial website if the following criteria are met.
-A hyperlink to must be provided and appear with the image.
-The image used must be no larger than 400 pixels/ 3 inches in either dimension.
-Images can’t be used on the home page or as backgrounds, cropped, or otherwise presented in a manner which obscures the entire image in any way.
-Images may not be modified, colored, animated, adapted, collaged, used as a graphic design element, or altered in any way.

Feel free to use existing images for tattoos. However, BE CAREFUL as very fine lines like those in neurons can be very difficult to reproduce in tattoos. I highly recommend that you:
-Find the best tattoo artist you can that has a portfolio featuring skilled fine line work.
-Have a detailed discussion about how the artist plans on interpreting the image. There is a surprising amount of depth and spontaneity lost if lines are simplified. I highly recommend tracing whenever possible to give the best effect. Note that this degree of fine line work will also be time consuming and potentially expensive to tattoo.
-Please send me a photo of the finished tattoo. I reserve the right to use the image to share on my website, social media, publish, etc., without fees.

I do not grant permission or sell reproduction rights for use on material such as brochures, business cards, fliers, pamphlets, that promote a private practice, laboratory, business, etc. of any kind. I do not license images for use on private websites except in the limited capacity listed under Limited use on a website above. Artwork cannot be collaged, customized, copied, adapted, incorporated, photoshopped, or in any way altered or used within another work of art.

If you have questions whether the use you have in mind is permitted, please ask. Send a request and description of use via the contact form.