Spinal Cord Microetching

Spinal Cord, 22K gold handmade gilded microetching 2021-2022 by Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards

edition of 10
24″ X 32″ framed in a dark wood moulding with anti-reflective glass.
(framed dimensions 28″ X 36″)
Larger sizes are also available, please contact for pricing and additional information at:

(hint: This is the highest end option available.) A less expensive aluminum microetched version of Spinal Cord is available here: https://www.gregadunn.com/product/spinal-cord-microetched-prints/

And standard fine art prints are available here: https://www.gregadunn.com/product/spinal-cord/ Please watch the video to get a more complete sense of what Spinal Cord looks like in person.

Spinal Cord is a highly detailed rendering of a cross-section of the human spinal cord. This image was made entirely from scratch, deeply informed by the neuroscientific literature and my background in neuroscience and designed to be an attractive piece of fine art as well as an accurate atlas of both anatomy and connectivity. It is the most ambitious project that I’ve undertaken since the creation of Self Reflected.

This artwork and associated images, GIFs, and video are designed to give the viewer a comprehensive understanding of the complex anatomical details of this region and how information travels through the cord. In particular, I wanted to emphasize the complexity of the transverse white matter regions and how signals travel into and out of these areas. Information travels through the afferent inputs in the dorsal ganglia, is processed in the butterfly-shaped gray matter regions in the central cord, and through computations with interneurons and afferent/efferent signals from adjacent regions of the transverse white matter tracts leads to signal outputs through the ventral cord that execute movements.

The spinal cord is the information superhighway connecting our brains to our bodies, an indispensable organ and masterpiece of evolution, utterly fundamental to our existence.

All images are of the 22K gold Spinal Cord microetching under different lighting conditions.

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