Commissioned paintings vary in price depending on the style, complexity, materials used, and timeline for completion. I specialize in neuroscientific, biological, and traditional Asian themes, though I may not be able to accommodate all requests within these boundaries.

I usually ask for photographs of the context in which the painting will hang so that with the client’s input I can optimize the size, color, and style of the work to suit its surroundings. For larger commissions, I will also create mockups of what the painting will look like in the space. I typically create a mockup of the painting that is subject to review and modification. This mockup will then be the basis for the final painting.

Depending on my workload and the complexity of the order, commissions can take anywhere from a month to eight months to complete.

The following is a general guideline for commissioned works:

Hanging scrolls – paintings are sent to China to be mounted by master scroll mounters in Beijing, so the waiting time is approximately 4-8 months. Depending on the style and materials, custom scroll orders will range from $1500-2500 and up.

Gold leaf paintings (i.e. Two Pyramidals, Gold Cortex, Pyramidals on Gold)- Paintings on a gold leaf ground are generally priced as follows (prices do not include frames, and paintings are available either using genuine or imitation gold leaf).

18 X 24″ (minimum size)- $3000-4000
24 X 36″ $4500-6000
36 X 48″ $7000-10,000
larger- contact for a quote

Deep reflective gold leaf paintings – These paintings use specialized techniques and expensive materials to render interesting and beautiful reflective effects on genuine gold and other precious metal leaf. Please reference the paintings “Cerebellar Lobe,” “Cortex in Metallic Pastels,” or other paintings on the Gold Leaf page with a video demonstration of the reflectivity effects for a reference.

18 X 24″ (minimum size)- $4500-6500
24 X 36″ $7000-10,000
36 X 48″ $10,000-15,000
larger – contact for a quote

Microetchings – Please contact me for pricing information

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