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18″ X 24″, limited edition giclee print on glossy metallic paper
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Action Potential is an artistic exploration of how a neuron receives and integrates signals from connected neurons to trigger an action potential. While this piece is a study of how input velocities, locations, and relative strengths influence a downstream neuron’s ability to fire, it also celebrates the explosive beauty of the process. Action potentials are the fundamental processes by which we think, feel, taste, and accomplish every task our brain carries out.

In this image, the colors encode information about strengths of the synapses relative to their distances to the cell body. For example, the more proximal violet colored synapses contrubute to a greater degree to the signal integration, whereas the more distant white, ivory, and light blue synapses contribute a weaker signal.

  • Printed on glossy, slightly metallic paper of archival quality.
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