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22″ X 30″ (framed dimensions 26″ X 34″ (frame included))

limited edition
2018-9 by Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards

Microetched prints are machine replicated, aluminized PET film sealed between two sheets of glass.

Expected delivery window for microetched prints is mid November, 2019

Note: There are 22K gold microetchings of this etching available as well as the usual fine art prints.


Brain Machine Interface from Greg Dunn

The animated microetched print Brain Machine Interface is a piece about the interconnected future of the human brain. It simultaneously comments on both the amazing benefits and potential dangers of these powerful neural interfacing technologies, and will hopefully serve as a reminder to humanity to proceed with cautious optimism.

As the viewer moves from the left to the right of the etching, neurons synapse into and create a face initially with a terrified expression. This symbolizes the average person’s fear regarding the future of human/machine evolution, particularly concerning the more invasive implant technologies currently being utilized. The etching then transitions into an expression of awe, relief, and joy upon their successful implentation – restoring lost functionality, enhancing human cognition and communication, greatly increasing our access to information, etc. Finally, circuits spray out of the face and symbolize this evolution toward enhancing human potential.
Upon viewing the etching from right to left, however, the opposite progression unfolds: humanity achieving a godlike state through the use of these technologies only to fall victim to unwise misuses that lead to a degradation of the human soul.

Microetched prints are 22″ X 30″, machine replicated and aluminized films sealed between sheets of glass to preserve them for many years to come. They feature the same dramatic reflective effects as original gold etchings, but they are machine replicated and finished with aluminum instead of gold to be able to offer them at a more accessible price point. Lighting is not included in the price, but I will certainly advise on the best ways to achieve it. I highly recommend track lighting to illuminate Brain Machine Interface as it is the simplest and most flexible lighting system and is capable of the most dramatic visual effects. All shots taken in the video where the camera is moving were made using a track lighting system. You can read more about how to illuminate microetchings in this PDF here.
Manufacturing of microetched prints is a complex multistep process, thus they are expected to ship in mid November 2019.


Microetched print lit with blue, white, maroon, and pink light.

International Shipping information:

Please note – As it is extremely expensive to ship framed artwork overseas, I do not ship framed microetched prints internationally (with the exception of Canada- please contact me if you’d like it shipped to you there). You of course may still purchase one, and I can refund the cost of the frame from your order and ship the piece to you rolled up in a tube with supplies and explicit video and written instructions on how to frame it in your home country.

Shipping from Philadephia, PA
Shipping framed microetched prints within the U.S. – $95 flat rate

Additional information on lighting, etc.

Both 22K original microetchings and microetched prints can appear dramatically different depending on how they are lit, and below are a series of still images demonstrating how the piece looks different depending on where the lights are (white light progression image) . You can light it with one white light, with 10 or more colored lights, or with anything in between. Lighting these is very flexible and a track lighting system will give you the most options to work with. Below are some examples:

White light progression image

Multicolor light options- any of these color combinations and an infinite number more are possible.


Please read this .pdf for detailed information and product recommendations on how to light your microetching.

This video below also explains in detail how to get the most out of your etching.