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2020 edition, limited edition of 25
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Cerebellar Folia depicts a sagittal section of the human cerebellum as rendered and imagined in the Self Reflected microetching. The cerebellum is the processing hub for movement and propriocepion, where your brain calculates where your body is in space. Its anatomy is particularly dense, complex, and beautiful, consisting of infolded laminar structures called folia consisting of 3 principal layers. The Purkinje cell layer (large cells in a single line following the convoluted folia of the cerebellum) contains neurons that make more connections than any other neural type in the brain, up to 100,000 synapses per cell! Purkinje neurons send their axons into the central dentate nucleus (center of the piece) where they are relayed to the pons and thalamus to execute movements.
The cerebellum also contains the granule cell layer, a densely packed layer containing around 40 billion cells that by itself makes up half of all of the neurons in your entire brain!
The color in this image represents a sort of “timing map” wherein neurons of a similar color are firing at the same time, demonstrating through our algorithmic simulations what the neural communication patterns of this beautiful region look like.

All prints are giclee printed on archival satin paper and are signed and numbered in 22K gold leaf.  Prints also come with a certificate of authenticity.

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