18″ X 24″, limited edition giclee print on glossy metallic paper $220 ($176 with graduate student discount)

24″ X 32″, limited edition giclee print on glossy metallic paper, $440 ($352 with graduate student discount), framing not available on this size


Cortex in Red and Gold- A fine art print celebrating the neurons and structure of the brain’s cerebral cortex

Cortex in Red and Gold is an ode to one of the brain’s most iconic and beautiful regions, the cerebral cortex. The cortex is responsible for a huge variety of brain related functions, everything from eye tracking, logical comprehension, movement, sensation, planning, vision, hearing, decision making, etc. Evolution has adapted the cortex’s unique structure to take on a staggering number of tasks, and there is no part of the human brain which greater differentiates us as a species.

Layers of gold leaf and transparently dyed stainless steel give this piece a bold palette and depth of color. Cortex in Red and Gold prominently features Layer V pyramidal neurons (gold neurons) as well as a host of smaller interneurons interlacing between and synapsing with the pyramidals’ apical dendrites.

The red and gold colors of this print are meant to lend an air of regality to the brain. Red and gold represent good fortune and prosperity in the Chinese culture from which this palette is inspired, a reminder of the preciousness of our own brains and minds.
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