Cortical Circuitboard
Microetched print on aluminized polymer
22″ X 30″, 2013-2014
2023 edition of 25

Mirrored background- $2500
Onyx glass background (premium option, description below)- $3100

Please watch the videos below to get a sense of what these look like in person, still images are insufficient to capture the dynamic animations of microetchings.

There is also a collector’s edition 22K gold version of this microetching, and there is only one of them left! Please look here for details (hint: as you might expect, they are more expensive)


Microetched prints feature the spectacular animated reflective effects of microetchings and can be illuminated in any number of ways. Specialized printing processes replicate the surface of microetchings onto which aluminum is evaporated to give them their brilliant sparkle. The prints are sealed between two sheets of glass to display and protect them. As they are not handmade and are not made of gold like original 22K reflective microetchings, we are able to release them at a more accessible price than traditional microetchings.

Onyx Glass premium framing option– These prints feature a ceramic printed glass mask that turns the standard mirrored background of the microetched prints into a beautiful, smooth, jet black background. They are archival and have a very sleek look to them. Please note that both the standard etchings and the onyx glass etchings are identical in terms of the etching itself, it is only the background on them that differs. When viewed in a dark room, both the standard prints and the onyx glass versions have dark backgrounds.

All prints are shipped in their frames ready to hang. Shipping time is typically 4-6 weeks for domestic orders, and 4-8 weeks for international. Many will arrive prior to these guidelines, but they are framed to order and fulfillment often depends on my framer’s workload. Please contact me if you need your print delivered more quickly and we will do our best to accommodate.



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Cortical Circuitboard features a stylized array of cortical neurons that are arranged into the layered structure of the cerebral cortex. As the viewer moves from side to side, the reflective animations of the etching depict how information is processed throughout the layers of cortex through firing action potentials. The piece incorporates aesthetic motifs drawn from circuitboard design into the neural landscape to draw parallels between the chaos of a biological brain and the order of an electronic one. Cortical Circuitboard is a comment on the decreasing distinction between biological and silicon brains that our evolution will bring, and the technologies that will ultimately intertwine us with computers, AI, and electronics in general.


The shots in the video are meant to show you what you will see when you have a fixed light source(s) on the etching and you are walking around it. Microetched prints do not come with custom lighting. Please see the link to the .pdf at the bottom of this page and watch the video at the bottom called “How to Light Microetchings” to clarify everything.

Cortical Circuitboard microetched prints come sealed between two sheets of glass in a simple 2″ wide black frame. You have the choice of ordering with the standard mirror background (default) or with the black onyx glass, the premium framing option. Instructions on how to illuminate them and a certificate of authenticity will accompany the package.

Please note that when you first open the box with the etching, you will notice that on the standard mirror background prints the surface is aluminum and will be reflecting light from around the room. The black onyx glass framed prints transform this mirrored background into a sleek, smooth, jet black background. Microetched prints can look great in any circumstances with the correct lighting, but they truly blaze in a darkened room. The photos and video that you see on this website were all taken in a darkened room to show them at their best.

Rather than releasing one huge edition, we are releasing small sets of these microetched prints spaced out over time. This 2023 set is the 1st set of 25 to be released, and comprises print numbers #1-20 of the total number of approximately 150 that will be released over many years. Outside of these, there may eventually be up to 25 or so other prints that are destined to be donated to museums, schools, educational institutions, or other similar nonprofit or educational ventures that will be labeled as “gift prints”.

Please read this .pdf for detailed information and product recommendations on how to light your microetching.

This video below also explains in detail how to get the most out of your etching.

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Standard mirror background, Onyx Glass background