Available in two sizes:
16″ X 24″, edition of 25, $225 ($180 with grad student discount), framed $420.
24″ X 36″, edition of 15, $450 ($360 with grad student discount)

Emergence of Mind utilizes cosmic, nebula like imagery to depict the emergence of consciousness from the organic matter of the brain. The mind is suggested as a sky-like nebula from which our thoughts and ideas condense.
The ideas exploding forth from the brain acknowledge some of my personal favorite of humanity’s discoveries with an emphasis on the sciences and the arts. The discovery of galaxies, antibiotics, synthetic circuitry, DNA, and even several landmark ideas from neuroscience (a Ramon y Cajal drawing of purkinje neurons, the Nernst equation) radically changed the way that humanity understands ourselves and our place in the universe. Our minds emerge from our component biology which in turn gives rise to our ability to contemplate that very same biology.

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