Floral Neuron Prints available in two limited edition sizes (prices are for each print):
11.5″ X 38.5″ (29cm X 98cm)- 25 of each design, $350 unframed ($645 framed)
17″ X 58″ (43cm X 147cm)- 10 of each design, $695 unframed only

Complete sets of all four brain art prints can be ordered at a discount (note- if you are interested in this option I suggest ordering ASAP as when any of the individual four prints sell out I’ll be unable to offer the complete 4 print set):
set of all 4 small prints- $1250 ($2275 framed) SOLD OUT
set of all 4 large prints- $2500 (unframed only)

NOTE- These are not standard prints as they feature special reflective effects- please watch the video at the bottom of this page and browse the images to get a sense of what they are in person.

I have been working with a new printer on these that has made it possible to produce these more efficiently, so to celebrate these prices are lower than I’ve been able offer this special style in the past.
The framing option is a simple black, solid wood frame with antireflective and anti-UV glass.

These very limited edition prints with reflective details are different than the other standard fine art prints I offer on this site. The prints are on a heavy vinyl material and printed on a reflective mylar surface. That reflectivity is able to come through in a controlled way only on certain elements of the print, giving the outlines of the neurons and axons a warm golden metallic glow. Please watch the video below for a demonstration of this reflectivity.

The smaller size of Cherry Blossom Neuron (this is a proof I’m holding, the actual prints are just a touch (about 10%) smaller than this one)

Cherry Blossom Neuron
A classic theme in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean art, cherry blossoms represent the fleeting beauty of natural systems. Blossoming of synaptic connections happens early in the development of the brain when many new synapses are formed only to be pruned back with age.

Synaptic Blooming
Dendritic processes branch upward in search of new connections as branches of plants grow upward in search of light.

Cortical Sprouting
“Springtime” in the brain resembles spring in the botanic world, seeds sprouting shoots and becoming fully grown plants. During brain development, neurons grow upward from progenitor cell “seeds” where they populate the cerebral cortex.

Wisteria Neuron
One of my very favorite plants, wisteria’s gnarled and twisted branching shapes represent the spirited sponteneity, asymmetry, and randomness of the natural world when contrasted with the delicate order and elegance of it’s cascading violet flowers.


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