Microetching Lighting Kits (compatible with all microetchings)

Microetching lighting kits attach to your microetching’s frame to allow your microetching to be displayed in literally billions of different color combinations. The kits contain four lamps outfitted with programmable RGB bulbs whose color can be easily changed either by an app on your phone, or via separate remote controls (included). This setup will give you the capability of getting the most out of your microetching by giving you the ease and flexibility to light it quickly and dramatically. This kit works with every microetching (i.e. Self Reflected, Pranayama, Brainbow Hippocampus, etc)!

Want the etching to be green and white? Simple. Rainbow? Yep. Subtle pastels, electric blues, or just a single white light? Of course! There are billions of color combinations you can design with this setup.

These will start shipping by the end of the week of April 15th/ beginning of the week of April 22nd.

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The kit includes:
-4 lamps in a satin black finish
-4 RGB programmable bulbs (controllable by either your phone or remote controls)
-4 lenses with adjustable magnetic connections for the bulbs to give the correct illumination pattern
-4 remote controls for the RGB bulbs (and instructions on how to control the bulbs with your phone instead if desired)
-4 sliding blocks/ rail system to be able to slide the lamps around easily
-Power cable (for 120V USA electrical outlets. You can use an adapter on these if you live outside the USA)
-2 black frame pieces to mount to the side of your etching to hide the electronics and to give the installation a clean look
-On/off switch that can be mounted discreetly on the bottom of the frame to easily turn the lamps on    and off
-Instruction sheets
-all tools and hardware required to install it (except for a standard phillips head screwdriver)

When set up, these kits will bring the etching 2 inches (5 cm) off of the wall using frame pieces (included) that turn the etching into a shallow shadowbox. The electronics and cabling are hidden behind the etching (with the exception of the power cord that can either be covered with a cord cover, or hidden behind the wall like the cord of a flat screen TV installation if you wish.

The lit microetching that shows the frame’s side rails that turn it into a shallow shadowbox, bringing the frame 2″ off of the wall.

In addition to being able to change colors, the lamps are also mounted on a sliding track system behind the frame which enables you to change the lamps’ positions as well.

The lighting system is also easily moved around with the etching, as opposed to track lighting setups which are inflexible.

Assembly of the kit requires about 2 hours to complete. Though it can be assembled with one person, it is easier with two. It requires screwing directly into the wood of the frame, mounting of hanging hardware, and following the instructions provided closely.

Please verify that your existing microetching’s frame is wooden and 2″ wide (this was the standard frame supplied with almost all microetched prints). In case you had changed your frame or recieved a microetched print that had a narrower frame on it, these kits may not work and the etching may need to be replaced with a wider frame. Please email me with a picture or two of your frame if you aren’t certain if it is the right one.

The kit does NOT include:
-A cord cover (strongly recommended). This is to cover the power cable coming out of the bottom of the frame. This can be purchased in the color and length required in your home by searching “cord cover” on your preferred internet shopping site or from a hardware store.

-Converter for power adapter. The included power cord is compatible with 120V electrical outlets. If you live in a location with a different type of outlet, you will need to use an adapter to be able to plug the system into the outlets in your country.


Additional information

Microetching orientation

Horizontal (Self Reflected, Brainbow Hippocampus, etc), Vertical (Pranayama, Photosynthesis, etc)