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Motor Cortex
24″ X 36″, very limited edition of 10
in collaboration with Dr. Brian Edwards

NOTE- These are not standard prints as they feature special reflective effects- please watch the video and browse the images to get a sense of what they are in person. Also, please note that production on these is behind schedule due to supplier delays but I expect that they will ship in mid November.

The neurons of the motor cortex are responsible for movement, in particular fine motor movements such as playing the piano or writing. The giant Betz cells, layer V pyramidal projection neurons send their ropes of thick myelinated axons downwards which will eventually become a key part of the spinal cord. This print highlights the layered organization of the cerebral cortex wherein signals are processed both vertically and horizontally in order to produce motor commands that will be eventually executed by our muscles.
This print is embellished with golden reflective outlines and glows with the ambient light in the room.

These very limited edition prints (10) with reflective details are the first of their kind that I’m offering on this site. The prints are on a heavy vinyl material and printed on a reflective mylar surface. That reflectivity is able to come through in a controlled way only on certain elements of the print, giving the outlines of the neurons and axons a warm golden metallic glow. Please watch the video below for a demonstration of this reflectivity.




Please watch the video below for a demonstration of the reflective effects seen in this print.