Myelination, 2023
Limited edition fine art print on archival satin paper

Available as:
16″ X 24″ (40cm x 60cm) limited edition of 50, unframed $225 ($180 with student discount), $420 framed
24″ X 36″ (60cm x 90cm) limited edition of 25, unframed $450 ($360 with student discount)

Note: As I have this piece in extremely high resolution, it can be printed larger as one off custom prints on either paper, metal, or acrylic face mount. Please email me below if you have an idea of what size you’d like and we can discuss lead times and pricing.


Myelination is a painting of the glial cells called oligodendrocytes (red) wrapping their membranes around the axons of neurons (blue) to electrically insulate these axonal “wires” in order to increase neural communication speed and efficiency. These myelinated segments arrange themselves to form the famous nodes of Ranvier which further help to facilitate rapid communication between neurons.
Recent evidence points to the role of myelination as more than just a static one off step in brain development. Myelination is a dynamic process that can adaptively modify action potential velocities. This in turn leads to a sophisticated set of controls to adapt circuits to incoming stimuli. Coupled with synaptic plasticity, myelination adds a powerful layer of modulation that renders the brain exquisitely primed to reorganize itself according to the demands of our environment.

Chalk up another win for the glia!

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  • Printed on satin paper of archival quality.
  • As there is a limited supply, prints will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • The sooner your payment is received, the lower the print # you will get.
  • Orders originating from PA will have 8% sales tax added. PayPal takes care of all of these numbers. Again if you have questions, please email me.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of unframed orders (orders from the USA), 4-8 weeks for delivery of domestic framed orders, and 4-6 weeks for international unframed orders. 
  • Prints are stamped and numbered in gold leaf.
  • 20% OFF Graduate student discounts are available. Please email for instructions on how to purchase grad.discount(at)gregadunn.com

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