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18″ X 24″, 2nd series limited edition giclee print on glossy metallic paper
$220 ($176 with graduate student discount), $395 framed (framed version ships to USA and Canada only)

24″ X 32″, 2nd series limited edition giclee print on glossy metallic paper, $440 ($352 with graduate student discount), framing not available on this size

Print Description

Neural Migration celebrates one of the most dazzling periods of brain development wherein radial glia (black cells) divide continuously to create new neurons (white cells). These new neurons climb the black dendritic stalks of their parent cells, eventually finding their final resting places within the layers of cerebral cortex. This process creates billions of new neurons and occurs over the period of only a few weeks during gestation. This print is a great choice for all you lovers of cortex and/or brain development out there.
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  • Printed on archival quality, subtly metallic paper.
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