Photosynthesis microetched prints
22″ X 30″ (framed dimensions 26″ X 34″ (frame included))
first edition of ~20
2017-8 by Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards

Standard Silver background- $2350
Onyx Glass background (see below for more details)- $2950

Photosynthesis is a work combining both art and science to simulate how water and nutrients are transported through the vasculature of a leaf. These processes represent basic functions of plant physiology which are invisible to the unaided eye. The pulsing flow traveling through the leaf’s circulatory system makes this etching quite mesmerizing to behold.

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Photosynthesis from Greg Dunn on Vimeo.

Microetchings are not static pieces of art. Please watch the video above to see Photosynthesis’ full potential.

Microetched prints are 22″ X 30″, machine replicated and aluminized PET films sealed between sheets of glass to preserve them for many years to come. They feature the same dramatic reflective effects as original gold etchings, but they are machine replicated and finished with aluminum instead of gold to be able to offer them at a more accessible price point. Lighting is not included in the price, but I will certainly advise on the best ways to achieve it. I highly recommend track lighting to illuminate Photosynthesis as it is the simplest and most flexible lighting system and is capable of the most dramatic visual effects. All shots taken in the video below where the camera is moving were made using a track lighting system. You can read more about how to illuminate microetchings in this PDF here.

Silver Background vs. Onyx Glass background
I am now offering a premium framing option called Onyx Glass. These microetched prints feature a ceramic printed glass mask that turns the standard mirrored background of the microetched prints into a beautiful, smooth, jet black background even when there is ambient light in the room. They are archival and have a very sleek look to them. Please note that both the standard etchings and the onyx glass etchings are identical in terms of the etching itself, it is only the background on them that differs. When viewed in a dark room, both the standard prints and the onyx glass versions have dark backgrounds.

Photosynthesis close up under four channels of colored light.

Shipping information:

Ships from Philadephia, PA
Shipping within in U.S. – $95 flat rate
Shipping internationally is possible, though there will likely be pricing adjustments to compensate for fluctuating costs. Depending on where you are, it could be anywhere from about $150-$350.

Additional information on lighting, etc.

Both 22K original microetchings and microetched prints can appear dramatically different depending on how they are lit, and below are a series of still images demonstrating suggested illumination patterns. The more lights you have on the piece, the more “pulses” of illumination you will have.

Four different options of how to illuminate the piece. The two leftmost images have 5 lights on them, the two rightmost have 2 lights on them.


It is essentially impossible to get perfect copies of microetched prints. After almost two years of trying to get a perfect copy, this is the best replicate that was made. This current version has two small hairline scratches near the tip of the leaf, as you can see in this zoomed in image below. These scratches do not distract from the reflective animations in the piece. The price has already been reduced by several hundred dollars to reflect the imperfection. Please note this and know that returns will not be possible due to this reason. This serves as your official notification of the imperfection. Thank you for your understanding.

These scratches are completely invisible and hidden behind the Onyx Glass option, these hairline scratches are only visible in the standard silver background version.

Please read this .pdf for detailed information and product recommendations on how to light your microetching.

This video below also explains in detail how to get the most out of your etching.

Additional information

Glass Type

Standard Silver Background, Onyx Glass Background