18″ X 24″ (45.7cm X 61cm)
$220, or $176 with grad student discount, framed $395

24″ X 32″ (76.2cm X 101.6cm)
$440, or $352 with grad student discount

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Pranayama in Green and White, a fine art print celebrating the subtle perceptions which arise through yoga and meditation practice.

18″ X 24″ (45.7cm X 61cm) limited edition print
$220, or $176 with grad student discount, framed $395

24″ X 32″ (76.2cm X 101.6cm) limited edition print
$440, or $352 with grad student discount

Note: this artwork is also available as a microetched print and a 22K gold microetching where the etching’s reflective design animates the movement of prana in the body during inhale and exhale.

Description of Pranayama in Green and White: Meditation and Yoga Art

Pranayama is a bit of a departure from my more directly anatomical work on the nervous system, one that explores alternative ways of interpreting the mind and brain. It is an art piece directly inspired by my practice of yoga, meditation, and experiences inside my sensory deprivation tank. In particular, it is a map of the perceptions felt after years of practice of pranayama (breathing exercises) in meditation. Pranayama is often appreciated by those interested in the various methods of training the mind- meditation, yoga, pranayama, and other related practices.

The 2021 edition of this print, Pranayama in Green and White is of the original Pranayama reflective microetching photographed under multicolored light. The chosen color scheme suggests the intense energy and sensations during the practice of pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) by likening them to the colors of growth. The energetic tendrils are essentially a “heat map” of where the movements in prana are felt most strongly in the body during practice.

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Pranayama in Green and White limited edition print (archival glossy print on subtly metallic paper- please note that the prints are still photos of the dynamic microetching and do not display the same dramatic reflective effects that the originals do! Website watermark is absent in the actual print)

  • Printed on glossy, slightly metallic paper of archival quality.
  • As there is a limited supply, prints will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • The sooner your payment is received, the lower the print # you will get.
  • I can not send framed prints internationally at this moment.
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  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for unframed delivery, 4-8 weeks for framed (domestic orders), 4-6 weeks for unframed international. 
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