limited edition microetched prints
2013-2021 by Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards
22″ X 30″ (framed dimensions 26″ X 34″) Frame included.

Standard mirrored background- $2500
Onyx glass background (premium option, description below)- $3100

Microetched prints are machine replicated, aluminized PET film sealed between sheets of glass.

Note: There are 22K gold microetchings of this etching available as well as standard fine art prints.

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What is the Pranayama Microetched Print- a piece of meditation and yoga art

Pranayama is an exploration of the internal state during spiritual practices, a piece of meditation and yoga art celebrating yogic breathing exercises called pranayama. Both 22K gold microetchings and microetched prints feature the spectacular animated reflective effects as seen in the video below. These etchings can be displayed with any color light, or with any number of lights you choose (lighting is very flexible and the video demonstrates many possible display options).

To get the full effect of what the microetched print looks like, please watch the video above.

As the viewer moves from the left to the right, light reflecting off of the etching’s millions of microscopic mirrors animates the breath of the meditating figure and the movement of prana, the subtle sensations of energy that become pronounced through practice. This dynamically reflective microetching depicts the movement of prana in the body as the viewer walks around it. When walking from left to right, the “inhale,” prana is withdrawn from the extremities, into the central channel, and upwards. When walking from right to left, the “exhale,” the prana moves back down the central channel and into the extremities. The microetching “breathes” as the viewer walks past it, providing a reminder to bring the mind back to a position of awareness.

What Inspired the Yoga and Meditation Art of Pranayama

Pranayama is a bit of a departure from my more directly anatomical work on the nervous system, one that explores alternative ways of interpreting the mind and brain. It is directly inspired by my practice of meditation and experiences inside my sensory deprivation tank. In particular, it is a map of the perceptions felt after years of practice of pranayama (breathing exercises) in meditation. Those most often interested in this type of meditation and yoga art are those who practice the various methods of training the mind- meditation, yoga, pranayama, and other related disciplines.

Microetched prints are 22″ X 30″, machine replicated and aluminized films sealed between sheets of glass to preserve them for many years to come. They come with a certificate of authenticy. They feature the same dramatic reflective effects as original gold etchings (22K gold etchings for Pranayama can be found here), but they are machine replicated and finished with aluminum instead of gold to be able to offer them at a more accessible price point. Lighting is not included in the price, but I will certainly advise on the best ways to achieve it (please see video and .pdf at the bottom of this page for detailed instructions). All shots taken in the video where the camera is moving were made using a track lighting system. This is how the etching will appear to your eyes when lit similarly and viewed in a dark room.

Microetched print lit with several different lighting schemes:


















Examples of the thousands of different lighting effects achievable by different multicolored lighting setups. Bottom right image is detail of the simple black frame.

Additional information on Lighting Your Pranayama Microetched Print

Both 22K original microetchings and microetched prints can appear dramatically different depending on how they are lit, and above are a series of still images demonstrating how the piece looks different depending on where the lights are (white light progression image) . You can light it with one white light, with 10 or more colored lights, or with anything in between. Lighting these is very flexible and a track lighting system will give you the most options to work with. Below are some examples of the piece lit with white and blue light, as well as closeups of the imagery and the frame.

Silver Background vs. Onyx Glass background
I am now offering a premium framing option called Onyx Glass. These microetched prints feature a ceramic printed glass mask that turns the standard mirrored background of the microetched prints into a beautiful, smooth, jet black background even when there is ambient light in the room. They are archival and have a very sleek look to them. Please note that both the standard etchings and the onyx glass etchings are identical in terms of the etching itself, it is only the background on them that differs. When viewed in a dark room, both the standard prints and the onyx glass versions have dark backgrounds.

Please read this .pdf for detailed information and product recommendations on how to light your microetching.

This video below also explains in detail how to get the most out of your etching.

International Shipping information

Please note – I can now ship framed microetched prints overseas. The cost varies depending on the country and can be as little as $150 to Canada or as much as $350 or so to Australia. Please allow 4-8 weeks for shipment to arrive The website does not accurately calculate international shipping on these, so if you order from abroad I will need to calculate the exact shipping cost and bill you separately for it.

Shipping from Philadephia, PA
Shipping framed microetched prints within the U.S. – $95 flat rate. Shipments typically arrive within 3-4 weeks from the date of order.  

Additional information

Glass Type

Standard Silver Background, Onyx Glass