Available in two sizes:
18″ X 24″, limited edition of 100, $225 SOLD OUT
24″ X 32″, limited edition of 50, $450 ($360 with grad student discount)

Regeneration is the brain’s progression from sickness to health, trauma to resolution, addiction to rehabilitation, stagnation to self improvement, depression to contentment. A barren landscape of degenerated neurons in the lower right sprouts lush new golden dendrites upward, the processes¬† regenerating synaptic circuits that lead us to a thriving state of being. This is a reference in part to the Japanese technique of kintsukuroi wherein cracked or broken ceramics are repaired with gold,¬† honoring the wisdom and growth that we gain through suffering. Regeneration is a message of hope to all those who live with degenerative and/or debilitating conditions of the brain.

This painting is also a heartfelt tribute to those who have dedicated their lives and careers toward helping others regenerate their own brains. It is for the family members, therapists, nurses, physicians, scientists, and caregivers who make the foundational discoveries behind brain health and help us to take the necessary steps to improve our conditions to the greatest extent possible. Thank you all so much for your tireless efforts.

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  • Printed on archival quality satin luster paper.
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