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18″ X 24″ (45.7cm X 61cm) 
2020 edition, limited edition of 50

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18″ X 24″ (45.7cm X 61cm) Framed is 24″ by 30″ 
limited edition of 50

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This print of gold leaf and ink painting called Transmembrane Receptor depicts the crucial class of proteins which receive molecular signals from outside the cell. The receptor in turn sets off chemical cascades that signal to the cell about the external environment. The receptor in this piece is the metabotropic glutamate receptor which captures glutamate within the binding sites of the protein matrix, causing a change in protein confirmation that sets off a signaling cascade on the interior part of the membrane (bottom). Transmembrane receptors contain transmembrane domains made predominantly of alpha helicies (spiral parts of protein going through the blue cell membrane) that contain sequences of amino acids which are compatible with membrane interiors, situating these proteins stably within the membrane.

Transmembrane receptors are critically important for a huge variety of brain functions. Their modulation, mutation, or dysfunction can lead to a wide array of impacts on circuit dynamics, communication across pathways, and even consciousness.

  • Printed on glossy, slightly metallic paper of archival quality.
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