Available in two sizes:
18″ X 24″ (46cm x 61cm), limited edition of 50, $225 ($180 with grad student discount), framed $420.
24″ X 32″, (61cm x 81cm), limited edition of 20, $450 ($360 with grad student discount)

Visual System is a painting of how the brain weaves visual data into and out of our attentional networks, emotional and mnemonic systems, and other senses to create our visual experience. Intermixing visual data streams are balanced and weighted against one another through modulatory circuits in the brain, ultimately combining to generate task optimized perceptions critical to our survival. 
Light enters our eyes where it stimulates the retina and optic nerve, sending early visual data through to the thalamus and V1 of the occipital cortex. From here this data is split up and spread out for parallel processing in regions such as the pulvinar of the thalamus, the frontal eye fields of the frontal cortex, and the superior colliculi. Those circuits which carry particularly salient information are represented in more intense and saturated colors, such as the frontal eye field projections to V4 or the foveal projections to the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus. These more salient circuits modulate the sensitivities of surrounding circuits, impregnating specific aspects of the raw visual data with the incandescence of our attention.

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