16″ X 24″ limited edition giclee print on glossy metallic paper
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20″ X 30″ limited edition giclee print on glossy metallic paper, $330 ($264 with graduate student discount), framing not available on this size


Wisteria Neuron- the art of neurons and plants

The neuron art piece Wisteria Neuron fuses two of my favorite forms in nature, pyramidal neurons and the flowering plant wisteria. It is meant to encourage us to consider that these branching forms occur throughout nature at many different scales as they are a common solution to a pressing problem- how to collect information from the environment. Neurons branch outward in order to collect synapses from adjacent neurons, whereas plants branch outward in order to collect sunlight to grow. The branching, fractal like solution to both of these problems looks similar.
To further make this point, this piece of brain themed art uses composition techniques and styling from Japanese and Chinese art to bring the world of neurons into the aesthetic of Asian art. Though invisible to our naked eye, the microscopic world contains profound beauty reminiscent in particular of the plants, trees, and flowers all around us.
The cascading “flowers” in this artwork represent the synaptic spikes or nodes that the neural dendrites collect information through. Their brilliant sparkle represents the synapses firing in response to incoming inputs from the rest of the brain. They are also reminiscent of the vertically oriented boutons or cartridges of inhibitory chandelier cells.
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