Custom Prints and Murals

Have a specific brain region in mind you’d like a print of? Need a really large print or even a huge mural? Need a print with a specific color scheme, shape, or cool close-up neuroscience imagery? Want to have something unique?

Custom prints from Self Reflected or Spinal Cord are your best bet. We customize fine art prints from a selection or from the entirety of the Self Reflected brain or from the new piece Spinal Cord as well. We can blow up a tiny region to be the size of your wall, make a small print of the entire sagittal slice of the brain, or anything in between.


Example of a custom print of the basal ganglia (dissected out from the full Self Reflected brain dataset)


What we need to get started with a custom print of the brain or spinal cord


  1. Print size (starting at around 30″ X 45″ and going up to 56” X 96” or anywhere in between for traditional prints, and a lot larger still for mural installations). Please also specify portrait (vertical orientation) or landscape (horizontal orientation).
  2. Color scheme (please mention some of the colors you’d like to see in it, or reference another image you see on the website to use for inspiration).3.
  3. Region(s) of interest.


Available brain regions to choose from from Self Reflected

A map of the brain regions available for custom prints from Self Reflected

Here is a complete list of brain regions depicted in Self Reflected. You could choose the whole brain or some set of the regions below.

Brainstem, Caudate, Cerebellum, Cortex (Frontal, Motor, Parietal, Somatosensory, Visual), Dentate Nucleus, Inferior Colliculus, Inferior Olive, Locus Coeruleus, Mammillary Bodies, Nucleus Accumbens, Olfactory Bulb / Olfactory Tubercle, Pons, Raphe Nucleus, Reticular Formation, Substantia Nigra, Superior Colliculus, Thalamus (CM, LD, LP, VA, VL, Pulvinar, LGN), Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA).It is not possible to create custom regions that are not on this list.

Custom prints or murals from the piece Spinal Cord

These are several examples of color schemes and crops available for Spinal Cord.


Examples of Custom Prints

Self Reflected full brain custom print in cyans and green

Self Reflected full brain custom print in rainbow

Custom print from the reticular formation

Custom print from the pons

Large custom print (around 80″ X 55″) in red, pink, and white palette

Large custom print in rainbow palette

Detail of custom print on the basal ganglia

Detail of a custom print on the lateral geniculate nucleus (thalamus)

Pricing on Custom Prints (can also be many sizes in between)

30” X 45”- $2200 (smallest size)
40” X 60”- $3100
45” X 70”- $3800
50” X 80”- $4600
58” X 96” (largest size for fine art papers or canvas)- $5500
For larger sizes, see Wall Murals below.

Wall Murals

Mural installation at the WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute in 2019

Second floor of the WVU mural installation

Mural installation for 5am Ventures in Boston, MA, 2019-2020

Mural installation for 5am Ventures in Boston, MA, 2019-2020

The Self Reflected dataset is in vector format, meaning that we can print it as large as you like on a wide variety of substrates. These wall mural installations make impressive displays in lobbies, clinics, offices, universities, and other locations. Their scale gives the viewer a good idea of the vastness and complexity of the brain. Please contact me below for futher details.

Gold Cortex II as a glass laminated mural